Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woofy Wednesday

Woofy New Year!!

My family has been busy this last week. We had lots of other new smelling humans in the house over the weekend. I don't mind. They all brought food for me to taste. I had some of the apples from human Mommy's Knocked Up Sangria and after that the night was a blur. I think someone put a doggie ruffee in my apple cause suddenly I was really calm and didn't mind all the new funny smells. I sat outside and watched the humans light the sky on fire. They are magic! Human Daddy made fire in his hands and then he taught the human puppies how to hold the fire! I don't know why the humans find loud fire so amusing. But they all just stood there and clapped when it said BOOM and then it smelled funny like burning. No one claps for me when I make burning smells, I get sent to other room.

For Christmas human Grandma got the human puppies a dog bed. It really big dog bed!! Lucky the Dog does not understand why when I, the dog, lay on the dog bed I get scolded. Dog beds are for the doggie not the human puppies!!

Human Daddy has been home all week. Human Mommy called it "vacation" but I think he is sick. He got some new machine that plays pretty pictures and sounds on a big screen and he can control it with a little black box. He just sits for hours staring at the screen like zombie. Lucky, who is a good dog, tried to save human Daddy from this horrible sickness by destroying the little black box but I was told I was a bad dog! Me!!

It ok, human Daddy gave me a nice bone instead which is way more better than a silly black box that will make you sick anyway.

Family make New Year's Resolution. They say we must do something to "pay it forward" everyday. That is a nice thing. You should always do nice things for others. It feels good. Also, Karma will get you if you don't. I should know, she bit me once.

Karma March 2009 - May 2011 Always in our hearts.
But that ok, I bit her back. I miss her. She was my best friend. Note to other doggies: Friends don't let friends eat Sago Palm. :(

All in all it has been a good year in our home. We hope you all have good New Year too and get to eat many steaks and sniff many new butts!

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  1. Hi Lucky! Keep the posts coming, you are one funny doggy!


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