About Us

Hello there! We are the Fuller Family. We love spending time together doing all sorts of fun things but three of our favorite things to do are cooking, eating,  and snuggling our dog Lucky!! My grandmother was an amazing cook and she started my love of cooking from a young age. I love being able to share the quality time with my family in the kitchen and hope they will gain a love for cooking as well. At some point most days you can find us huddled up in our quaint (read small) country kitchen, kids on the counter, dog at our feet.

We thought it would be fun to start a foodie blog all about the things we like to cook and eat and give them ratings from each of us.  We encourage our kids to try at least one bite of everything we put in front of them. Of course, they are kids and they are pretty opinionated about what they like and dislike. And they are happy to share a bit of both with their favorite furry friend Lucky the dog. She's not quite as picky as the kids but definitely has her preferences as well.

Here's a little bit about each of us and our favorite meals:

 Mama F (that's me!) - The main writer of this blog I wear many hats around our home - wife, mommy, cook, maid, tailor, educator, travel agent, and many others! My favorite types of foods are old-fashioned, home cooked meals and baked goods. Bread, pie, cookies, you name it. If it has butter or heavy whipping cream involved - I am in.

 Daddy F -  Animator by day and fun loving daddy by night he is always up for an adventure and anything active. His favorite meals include cheese ravioli, chicken salad, Asian food, smoothies, and all things snack related.

 The Fuller Kids -
Our oldest is 4 and her favorite foods include mac and cheese, hot dogs, meatloaf, broccoli, and peanut butter sandwiches. The middle is 2 and she loves blueberries, strawberries, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and goldfish crackers. The baby is 2 months and well, she likes mama's milk :)

 Lucky the Dog - She has her own weekly post on Woofy Wednesdays where she likes to give insight on life with her family and the differences between human and canine. Although she mostly eats dog food kibble her other favorites include, chicken, beef, and anything fried.

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