Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woofy Wednesday - Rain, Rain, Go Away

There has been much water falling from the sky this last week. It has been grey and misty and this makes my human Mommy feel sad.  I have to snuggle her more. The water makes human Daddy angry at me.  He tells me to go outside to do my business but there is water everywhere!! I say he should go potty in the rain! And I try so hard to not get mud all over my paws, but I am so furry and it always gets stuck between my toes. I try so hard not to bring it on to the carpet. Sometimes I make a mess. I feel like bad dog and hang my head in shame.

I gave human Mommy a scare this week.  I think maybe I ate something I shouldn't have cause my tummy was upset. I just wanted to lay around and not play games and not wag my tail.  Human Mommy would sit across the room and call me and I would just give her sad eyes, trying to tell her I just didn't feel good. This made her very nervous.  She came to my side and pet me and tried to feel on me where I was hurting. Sometimes I wish I had words to tell her what was wrong so she didn't have to worry so much. But I just have a long floppy tounge that doesn't do much good except to lap water. So, at 3 in the morning, after I panted by her pillow for an hour, she took me to the Doggie ER.

They said they thought maybe it was my hips and that I am getting older and I need to loose some weight. I sunk my head down and tried to tell the Dr that I was just fluffy but it came out as a low growl. Then they said maybe I ate something not so good for my tummy. Human mommy tries hard to give me tasty food but make sure I don't get anything that will make a doggie sick.  But sometimes when she is not looking human puppies sneak me yummy treats. I love those human puppies. I tried to nudge her to let her know that yes, this is all it was, and she smiled and patted my head.  When we got home I made sure I jumped up in the bed to cuddle her even though my tummy hurt so she would know that I was ok.

Today the sun is shining again and I am enjoying a quiet day in the warm breeze on my patio. Life is good when you have a family who loves you so much.

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