Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Woofy Wednesday - The Torture Gate

Why oh why has human Mommy done this? Does she not love Lucky the dog anymore?? Has Lucky done something bad to make my Mommy angry?

As you can see, newest thing in my house this week is human Mommy put a gate across the kitchen doorway. Lucky the dog can no longer lay at her feet while she is cooking all the yummy smelling food. She said it is because human babies keep sneaking into kitchen and getting into cabinets and trying to touch the hot things when other humans are not looking. But I, Lucky the dog should not be punished for this!! How will I taste all the yummy smelling things to make sure they are safe for my human family to eat!! And surely Mommy must know that I, Lucky the dog, am always keeping a watchful eye on my siblings! I make sure every night before I go to bed I stop in their rooms to make sure they are sleeping safe and no scary monsters are in their closet!

So why must I lay outside this cold metal gate away from the warmth of my mommy's feet and the hot things smells? I will show my mommy, I am good. And she will let me in, you will see. And she will feel so guilty that next time she makes steak she will give Lucky the good dog my own ribeye. will see.

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