Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Woofy Wednesday

I am real star of blog. Yep. It's me. Lucky the dog.  I am 4 year old golden retriever who accidentally found my way to my family's house when I was dropped on the doorstep of my human mommy's vet clinic. She took me home and fed me and loved me. Lucky me. Yep. That is how I got this name. That and mommy says my birthday is on St Patty's Day. I do not know what this means except once a year mommy dresses me in funny green costumes and says "stay" and "leave it" so she can take my picture. I listen because I am a good dog and I love my mommy. Since I took over the house my human mommy has gifted me with a human daddy and two human puppies to love on. They are ok. They like to pull my ears and my tail but they also feed me when I sit at the dinner table so we make good deals. I know mommy is growing a new human puppy cause I can smell it in her belly. It ok. As long as new human baby feeds me and mommy still lets me sleep in her bed. Mommy gives good cuddles.  She gets cold at night and my extra fur keeps her warm. It important job because mommy has to grow good human puppy. Good human puppies feed Lucky. Lucky likes food. Mommy cooks good food and when I tilt my head and make my eyes real big human mommy will feed me too! She needs me to taste her food to make sure it is safe for human puppies to eat. Without me and my super taste buds the humans would never know true gourmet delights. Very few humans have the heightened senses that I, Lucky the dog, have and can use them for such good. I will be happy to share with you what life in this house is like when human mommy doesn't know I am on her computer. But now I must go because I smell chicken. See you next week!

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  1. OMG, being a dog lover this post made me laugh out loud! If my dog could type, I am sure she'd say the same kind of things about all the food she gets from my babe.


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