Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Combining My Passions!

Hello there! Welcome to my newest inspiration for a blog. I love to blog. Not only because I like to have a way to record all the fun things I do, but also because I like to think that I am important enough that people care about what I have to say! You care about me don't you? You're right, we just met, I also have a problem with jumping into relationships too quickly! My husband and I were engaged within two weeks of meeting each other and within two months were married! But we have never been happier (when I say we I mean me, he could be completely miserable for all I know but he isn't speaking up about it so mums the word!) I have two beautiful little ladies in my life and am currently 5 months pregnant with little miss number 3!

Nothing is more important to me than my family and making sure my kiddos grow up happy and at least 95% healthy (hey, what fun is life without a few medical mishaps now and then?)! We have chosen to homeschool our kids, at least until they get too smart for me, and it has been a great decision for us so far. I love getting the extra time with them and being able to tailor their educations to their needs.  My two other biggest loves aside from my family are cooking and dogs, which is where this blog idea started (I know what you are thinking, phew, she finally got around to the point! That is another problem I have, rambling, but I will save that for another day or 5).  Working at a vet hospital for many years I have had many canine friends in and out of my home. Some are just fosters and some end up staying for keeps but they all always find a place in my heart and at my dinner table (yes, I am one of those people who allow my dogs to eat from my table on occasion. And by "occasion" I mean when I cook something.).  This is our current queen of the castle Lucky.

Yes, there are some things a dog should never eat and if you never feed your dog human food I don't suggest starting with a 5 course sausage dinner (unless you want to make your vet a very happy and very rich man).  But some things are perfectly fine for your pets to eat as long as you are cooking things fresh and watching your seasonings. (disclaimer: my dogs tend to be fat.) This blog is not about dog food, it is about human food that I sometimes share with my dogs (and my children if they clean their rooms). I hope that it will lead you to new tasty things and bring a smile to your face. Thank you for deciding to take your time to read the thoughts of a crazy stay at home mom who likes to stuff her face with yummy things. :)

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  1. Welcome to blog world! I see a happy family through ur photo :)


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